Attracting talents by mobilizing networks

Procurement professional will make an excellent sales expert, and a sales manager will make a successful procurement manager”: these two professions complement each other, so companies are looking to attract hybrid profiles, “augmented” by Artificial Intelligence, with the ambition of creating value while impacting the ESG trajectory of companies. My service offer is based on my network of experts in France, Switzerland and the United States. I only contact candidates from my network.

I only contact candidates from my network or who are recommended to me.

recruitment offer

Understanding your needs





taking up a position

Knowing the customer and his needs

I make sure to meet the manager of the position to be filled, to identify his needs and expectations, his way of working and his preferences, so as to be able to direct my search towards candidates with whom I can develop the chemestry necessary for a good collaboration.

Drawing up the job description

I write, or support the writing of the job description, so as to integrate into the document an operational description and the expectations of the recruiting company. I make sure I master all the content so as to be able to present the position to candidates and answer their questions.

Targeted search

I only contact candidates I know personally or who have been recommended to me.

Candidate support

I present the position to candidates in a transparent, operational way. We discuss the benefits for candidates of embarking on a recruitment process that could lead to a change in position. I accompany candidates throughout the process, offering coaching sessions before the interviews and debriefing sessions within 24 hours of the recruiter’s return.

Supporting the recruiter

I make sure candidates are interested in taking part in a recruitment process. I share what makes each of the candidates I present unique and specific, with advice based on my expertise and experience in the profession.

Accompaniment and coaching on taking up the job

I accompany the successful candidate right up to the end of the trial period, through regular exchanges. On request, I can offer coaching for up to a year after integration, if this is desired by the candidate or the company he or she has joined.