Overcoming the Unexpected, Shaping the Future: Building Companies’ Resilience through Procurement

“Hybridizing Procurement with ESG and Value Creation to grow Business Resilience”

Overcoming the unexpected through renewed Procurement expertise

The Procurement function currently finds itself at the convergence of today’s challenges: economic, societal, environmental, technological and geo-political. The return to value creation after decades of focusing on price reductions and managing sourcing and reputational risks is becoming extremely complex in a multi-polar and uncertain world.

The Procurement function should contribute to give the world a chance to become socially and environmentally viable

I believe in operational consulting that offers an outside view of current issues, expertise and knowledge of Artificial Intelligence tools, experienced and unconventional, disruptive because freed from the constraints of everyday life. I also believe in the powerful complementary effectiveness of training, coaching and mentoring.

My approach contributes to the development of the Procurement eco-system, supporting the function in its contribution to giving the world a chance to become socially and environmentally viable.

Shaping the future by reconsidering the Procurement operating model

Procurement Departments need General Management to listen to them. For their part, General Management needs a Procurement operating model that is more resilient than ever, a function capable of assessing the long-term economic, environmental and societal impact of the recommendations it develops and recommends.

Implementing a resilient approach to Procurement operations

To ensure that Procurement Departments are heard and followed up on projects with an impact on the economic, environmental and reputational future of companies, it is important to go beyond current best practices. Let’s consider implementing a resilient approach to the way Procurement operates.



Renewing the way Procurement operates at a time when new challenges are positioning the function at the heart of corporate strategies

Training & Mentoring

Providing support to Procurement to grow its resilience at a time when AI is renewing the way the profession is practiced


Supporting Growth

Supporting growth through experience sharing, helping businesses foster partnerships with their customers

Attracting Talents

Identifying and attracting talents with value creation and ESG expertise, through direct contact within my network


“For a restorative procurement policy” Published in Le Monde on May 16, 2023

“For a restorative procurement policy” Published in Le Monde on May 16, 2023

While the CSRD is being implemented, the practice of regenerative procurement allows companies to improve their financial and non-financial results. Imagining new virtuous approaches that go beyond the deleterious practices of excessive competition should contribute to regenerating, day after day, the ecosystem of companies, and therefore the environment and society.

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“For a restorative procurement policy” Published in Le Monde on May 16, 2023

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to weigh on world trade, the inversion of the balance of power between companies and their suppliers, which is responsible for the rise in costs, could become sustainable. Article published in Le Monde on November 5, 2021

Could we have foreseen that the Covid crisis, which had already damaged value chains in the winter of 2020, would continue to severely disrupt the entire global industry? Companies built their 2021 budgets on the assumption that the crisis would only last a few months, until everything was back to normal and everyone was back to their old lives

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