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In order to ensure that Procurement and Sales Departments are heard and followed up on projects which have an impact on the economic, environmental and reputational future of companies, it is important not only to have a perfect knowledge of methods and best practices, but also to consider implementing a restorative approach to the way procurement operates.

Regenerative Procurement and Sales Operating Models enable to meet the challenge of triple bottom line (economic, societal and environmental) by impacting financial results (value creation and cost reduction), as well as extra-financial results.


The Regenerative processes integrate the search for ESG solutions and/or value creation through innovation into the procurement and sales operating models. This involves developing customer and supplier partnerships. 70% of corporate innovation should come from collaboration with the supplier ecosytem.

The method articulates the needs of customers (internal or final) with solutions developed by suppliers, right from the start of projects, in the interests of the company’s materiality of impact (Inside-out). In fact, “more than 80% of all product-related environmental impacts are determined during the product design phase”, according to the European Union’s “EU science hub” website.

EU Science Hub

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Providing an outside view and expertise

Becoming the Partner of choise 

Supporting teams through “learning by doing”

“Augmenting” the Procurement function with AI

Bringing an outside view and expertise

I have built my expertise on 30 years of experience in the US, Switzerland, and France, working for international groups renowned for their innovative approach to Procurement, in the FMCG, Energy, Cosmetics, Food, and Construction sectors. My practice has been shaped by the various financial, geopolitical, and health crises of recent decades. It has matured with these experiences, integrating financial performance with a top and bottom-line impact objective, and also extra-financial performance (ESG).

Becoming the Partner of Choice 

My strategic approach, based on a 5-step process, consists in creating a partnership-based eco-system between suppliers, stakeholders, and buyers. Within this ecosystem, are developed,  in collaboration, solutions to reduce costs and ESG impact, as well as some innovative products and services. My approach is based on a mastery of the Regenerative Procurement matrix.

Supporting through “learning by doing”

The aim is to support teams in the application of lessons learned on the theme of “What we must learn to do, we learn by doing” (Aristotle).

“Augmenting” the Procurement function with Artificial Intelligence

Integrating Artificial Intelligence tools into buyers’ daily lives is becoming a matter of urgency. Remaining with traditional tools no longer enables Procurement Departments to remain resilient in the face of the current challenges of value creation, secure sourcing, ESG, and risk management. Equipping buyers with AI tools prepares them for tomorrow’s challenges, and develops their productivity and commitment by enabling them to focus on high value-added activities.