A collective of over 150 companies and associations, including ESSEC, Bouygues and Schneider Electric, has published an opinion piece in the French newspaper “Le Monde” on August 2, 2023. I’m delighted by this call to action as the 5-step Regenerative Purchasing process I’ve conceptualized fits in perfectly with it.
As the article is reserved for subscribers, I offer a summary:
In it, the signatories explain that regeneration is more than just restoration, encompassing both conceptual and economic aspects. The term has its origins in science, describing the ability of organisms to repair their damaged parts. This approach to regeneration extends beyond conservation and restoration, requiring a transformation in the way we produce, consume and use resources.
New perspectives see regeneration as a fundamental pillar of economic success. They promote holistic thinking to create resilient and equitable systems that meet society’s needs. However, the shift towards this regenerative economy requires the urgent involvement of public authorities, who must value the positive externalities that benefit society.
The forum highlights the need for a profound transformation of economic decision-making in favor of regeneration for every sector of activity at every level of the value chain. This holistic approach aims to create resilient and equitable systems, requiring close collaboration between the private sector and public authorities to ensure a sustainable future for France and the planet.

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